The future of healthcare is in accessing & using greater information about the individual. DNAmito is expanding their DNA testing platform enabling early chronic disease prediction, transforming its management; leading to earlier, more effective care. DNAmito enables precise cancer treatment through its proprietary DNA technology and cloud platform. Our products leverage existing and open standards in the industry. DNAmito is vendor agnostic.


DNAmito Netherlands participates in the HEALTHY AGING project,
supported by Interreg.

This project aims to support and strengthen medical research, technological development and innovation in the field of chronic diseases of old age. A cross-border consortium of knowledge institutions and companies has been formed within the EMR. This consortium wants to develop cross-border knowledge platforms for sharing and disseminating knowledge. Most of the activities in this project have a very specific medical-scientific focus. The partners of this project aim to innovate and validate the knowledge collected in the context of these activities. The results of this project should lead to lower healthcare costs. The partners have advocated the development of an open technology platform for sharing knowledge in the field of healthy aging.

Project responsible: 
Hasselt University, Biomedical Research Institute

Maastricht University Medical Center - Pathology (azM) and Physiology (UM)
Universitätsklinikum Aachen
GlycoCheck B.V.
Curador SA
Astel Medica
Respiratory medicine, GIGAi3 research group, University of Liège
imec vzw, associated lab IMOMEC
more info can be found on the project website: 

This project is realized through a contribution from the European program Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine, which stimulates innovation, sustainable energy, a healthy environment and the labor market through cross-border projects.